There is a big difference between hiring a criminal defense attorney¬†Allen Garrett and an appellate attorney. Your lawyer might be able to give you a good recommendation for an attorney that can handle your appeal. What you don’t want to do is go with your original lawyer. For starters, he or she did, in fact, lose your case. You aren’t going to hold it against him or her, but you also need a lawyer who is known for handling criminal court appeals. Start with those recommendations, if you still trust the judgment of your original attorney.

As for choosing the right appellate lawyer for your case, you are going to start with the basics of course. In other words, you are asking about credentials, experience and any questions you have regarding your case. You want to get a good feeling about an attorney before you hire him or her. One thing you need to understand is that criminal appeals cases are not typically successful. That means it is certainly very important for you to make sure that you hire the best lawyer that you possibly can.

When I was a young adult, my best friend needed a criminal appellate lawyer for his case. He was found guilty twice as a matter of fact, and it was the 2nd appeal that helped his conviction get overturned. It was such an extraordinary case that it ended up documented as a civil case after the fact on television for one of those court TV shows.

As you get ready to look at appellate lawyers, are you still considering using your original attorney? Let me digress for a moment and say that there are in fact pros and not just cons to doing that. Yet most professionals would advise against you doing so. The attorney knows your case quite well, but again, you need a lawyer that is extremely familiar with the appeals process. It would also help of course if you were able to find an attorney that has handled cases that were very similar to yours.

There are different factors that determine how much you are going to have to pay a lawyer for an appeal. The length of the original trial is going to of course come into play. The best way to get a good idea in regards to what you are going to have to pay is to sit down for a consultation with a few of the best appellate lawyers in your area.

If you look in your city and don’t really find what you need, then search in the biggest city that is closest to you. Chances are, you will find a few good appellate attorneys, and then you can decide on whom you want to hire. It is time to find that lawyer, the one who is going to dive into your original case and write the best brief for your appeal. You want an attorney that is dedicated to getting that conviction overturned in the end.