Augmenting Your Video Productions With Special Effects

Despite what you may think, special effects in videos doesn’t just involve inserting dragons on green screen, New York Green Screen. It involves telling a story that would otherwise be impossible using traditional video shots.

But while anyone can appreciate videos with special effects, not every needs to have special effects inserted in their videos. So, who needs special effects?

Anyone with an unsexy product to promote needs it. If you have an unseen product like a boiler, it’s hard to tell the story of how it all works without the use of technology. And without an effective story to use in your marketing campaign, your marketing will fall flat and ineffective on your audience.

We really do not need to tell you, but people retain information better if they are seeing images instead of words. Also, images can also entice an emotional response, which is very important if you want to increase your sales with a video marketing campaign.

But even if you are not on an active marketing campaign, you can still use videos with special effects to create videos that introduce your product or service. This is especially true if yours cannot be easily explained in a simple video.

Who should do your special effects? Not just anyone. If should be done by a professional marketing company, not just a video effects company. Why? Because while anyone can create graphics with software and a little bit of practice, experienced marketers will know which type of images will effectively hook your audience to your audience and by extension, to your product or service.

So, when you are ready, go and look for a video marketing company. It’s easy enough to do this. You just do a Google search. Of course, not all video marketers are created alike. Definitely, there are those who are better than others. The best way to determine who is best at creating video graphics for marketing is by taking a look at the samples of their previous work. If you are moved by what they created, there’s a great chance, others have the same sentiment.

But how much does it cost to create marketing videos with graphics. Well, that really depends on whether or not you are using an agency or freelancer. Of course, agencies cost more because you need to pay for the overhead. Freelancers tend to work from home.

You should ask for a quote after viewing a sample. In our experience, it doesn’t take more than a few hundred dollars for a short clip that doesn’t require that many hours in the editing room.

If you already have a video, you can have it edited for special effects. We just don’t know if editing costs more than creating videos from scratch. Again, it will not hurt to ask how much the price will be.

If you are on a budget, you can always buy a video template with built-in special effects where you only need to insert text or an audio file.