Information Technology

The Future of the Internet

Modern technology has shaped the way we use the internet. Not so long ago, we were using dial-up connections to access the online environment. Mobile internet was impossible to imagine, follow Tina Trahan, as well as the wide range of apps that make our life easier. This evolution occurred within one single decade, so it’s easy to imagine the future of all these technologies wonders the youngest of us take for granted. It’s hard to understand how our parents were able to live and be happy without staying connected 24/7, how they didn’t take their phone with them, and how an entire household needed to rely on one single telephone line. Sometimes, one line was shared between two families, so you had to wait for your neighbor to finish his conversation in order to be able to make a phone call.

The internet has changed all these things beyond imagination. We can use the internet to make video calls, so we don’t even need a phone line anymore for staying in touch with our peers. The boom of mobile technology has meant a huge leap in the progress of our entire society. More and more people use their smartphones or tablet computers to access the web, and this trend seems to be here to stay. We can safely predict that, within a few years, the wide majority of internet users are going to browse the web from a mobile device. Laptops and desktop computers won’t probably disappear, as there are many industries that still rely on them. However, browsing the internet for leisure and information is going to occur mainly fro mobile devices. Why would you leave your bed or your comfy couch to switch on your computer, when you can access the same information directly from your smartphone?

The internet is also used for what some call “the intelligent home”, which is a house able to communicate with its owner via modern technology. Your fridge can send orders directly to your grocery store whenever some supplies are running low. Your lights and your lawn sprinklers can be programmed and controlled via your smartphone. Even your door locks can be connected to your mobile device. All these are possible only because of the existence of the internet and of advanced Wi-Fi technology.

It’s hard to figure out exactly how all these technologies are going to evolve within the following decade. However, taking into consideration the fulminant evolution we’ve all witnessed over the past few years, we can expect wonderful things to happen. Innovations and new devices are going to take over our lives, making them better and easing our mundane chores to the point where we won’t feel so much pressure. When you can outsource difficult or boring tasks to robots, you can do only those things you love. This is what the humankind expects from the evolution of the internet and of mobile technology. The future appears to be bright unless some disaster strikes and sends us back into darkness.